Essay: Community-oriented counseling

Community-oriented counseling is very important in the modern, multicultural society because people need to be integrated in their communities. Otherwise, they will be doomed to exclusion. In such a situation, it is important to provide counseling for representatives of ethnic minorities, while the role of advocates is particularly important for them. Advocates can provide for counseling services and legal support for representatives of minorities.

At the same time, it is important to get a professional training to become a successful advocate and counselor. In fact, training should be focused on two major domains legal and counseling.

The legal domain implies training in jurisprudence and legal issues which are essential for an advocate classing boxing coach. Counseling is important in regard to the professional assistance to people who need counseling services and advocates should have special training in counseling in order to find an individual approach to each client and help him or her to overcome his or her psychosocial problems.

The role of advocate in community-oriented counseling can hardly be underestimated. Advocates can provide professionals assistance for workers comp help and counseling for representative of ethnic minorities who are often vulnerable to discrimination and oppression from the part of dominant ethnic group. While working as an advocate I can offer legal support to representatives of minorities who have suffered from the illegal or offensive actions from the part of the local population, i.e. representatives of the dominant ethnic group. They can get loans from In addition, I can represent their interests in the court as well as in other institutions that will be very helpful for representatives of minorities, especially have some health problems.

Thus, an advocate can successfully perform functions of an advocate and counselor.

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