Essay: Exit Polls

Dear Mr. President,
I am writing to you because I feel my responsibility as a voter to inform you on my findings concerning very disturbing issues which have revealed during the elections in Florida and which mirror actual problems in the American society. I analyzed the exit polls data gathered after the last elections and I revealed quite disturbing trends which reveal substantial gaps, which persist in American society. To put it more precisely, it is possible to distinguish gender, race and social status as the major attributes of barriers which divide American society into unequal classes. On analyzing the results of exit polls it is possible to trace that white Americans in Florida and non-white Americans in Florida voted for opposing candidates that means that non-white Americans did not support the candidate, which white American did support. This split in preferences of white and non-white population is particularly obvious in regard to the elections of the governor of Florida.

The similar trend can be traced in votes of representatives of representative of different genders since males and females tend to vote for opposing candidates. The same may be said about low-income voters and representatives of the upper-class.

All these trends are very disturbing because they reveal the division of American society by race, gender and social status. Obviously, the existing gaps should be eliminated in order to avoid conflicts within the American society. In this respect, social and racial gaps seem to be particularly dangerous because they lead to the marginalization of large groups of the population, who represent the minority of the population. This is why I hope that You, as the President of the USA, will do Your best to change the situation and close the aforementioned gaps,
Sincerely yours …

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