Essay: Movie Review “Limitless” by Neil Burger

This paper is a review of the movie “Limitless” directed by Neil Burger and starring Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro. “Limitless” is a film about what would happen if you took a “smart pill”. But, think about the smart individuals you know. Real genius comes at the expense of other important things like charisma. The growth of Eddie’s intellectual capability does not lead to any related growth in wisdom. Right the opposite: the more clearly he thinks, the shallower person he becomes.

Granted the unlimited cleverness, what does Eddie do? Just what any shallow, a 21st-century American guy would do: more money, more sex and own book. Is that fact that Eddie applies own intelligence only to the financial sphere, as opposed to, curing cancer or preventing global hunger, planned as some kind of social remark by director Neil Burger?

What is really fresh about the idea of the movie is how it turns amazing intelligence into superpower and attempts to imagine its applications in physical reality. The movie reveals itself to be a cynical, watchful comic fable for the era of greed and speed. There are many surprising moments when people act like usual individuals in very unusual situations. Consequently, the bigger moments were more astonishing and had more influence on the viewers.

The shooting team did a great job of balancing the darkness of “Limitless” and bringing out humor in apparently unfunny circumstances. It was surprising to see them take bold risks throughout film and make jokes about it, but it kept viewers engaged in the plot and the main characters. The voice-overs estimate approximately 80% of the movie; they actually added desired emotion or humor to the film. At the same time I think that some pieces to the “Limitless” puzzle were unnecessary. All these trips around the globe driving posh cars and jumping off the cliffs, though amusing and entertaining, did not help the account, it just made it a prettier picture.

The visuals take the movie from indie drama to a thriller. From the usage of lighting, to taking a shot of the protagonist cleaning his apartment; the director did a great job of making an account about a person on drugs and making it visually interesting. The overall effects of the “Limitless” provide the audience with “something more” than we are always seeking for. Burger makes separate scenes feel as though they are filled with a rare sort of energy, firing in a brain stimulated by “smart pills”. There are really exciting thoughts swirling at the boundaries of “Limitless”. This movie slightly satirizes the existing prescription-drug, speedy cook society.

This is a slightly tense, humorous, action packed film, with elements of social commentary.

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