Essay: National Security and Global Warming

Today modern economists come to the realization that global warming, which is almost uncontrolled, can cause serious economic and political problems. The CAN Corporation insists that there is a close connection between glonal warming and economic instability of the countries. It is not a secret that a lot of countries today even contribute to the increasing global warming. The USA, for example, being one of the world’s petroleum importer, gets it from Russia, the Middle East and Venezuela and contributes to the addition of the carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. This case, in its turn, increases the speed f global warming.

Today it becomes obvious that global warming can cause wars for resources and environmental refugees. The less is the financing of the ecological sphere, the more dangerous the consequences can be. The USA still spends more money on the military defence than on the ecological sphere and the numbers are frightening: only one dollar is directed to the climate security, while twenty are sent on military needs. Military defence is also important, however, it should not create threat for ecology. The possible way out is the increasing financing of the affirmative sources of energy. On the one hand, such renewable sources, as wind turbines or solar panels, will allow to reduce the addition of CO2 to the atmosphere and protect the USA from the possible war for resources. In such a way, the USA would not be so depended on the Middle East and Russia.

National security of the country is under threat due to the increasing global warming and only active position and radical actions in this direction can solve this problem.

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