Essay on Health care

Question 1

Health care workers should have the same rights to unionize as other workers do, although their rights should be carefully regulated.

Health care professionals should be able to exercise employment benefits as other workers do. They should have the right to exercise similar rights as other workers do to negotiate better conditions of work. However, their right to go on strike should be limited in terms of the maintenance of the functioning of health care organization, even when health care professionals go on strike. What is meant here is the fact that health care professionals should have the right to go on strike, but they should provide certain number of health care professionals to maintain the performance of a health care organization sufficient to keep all the patients safe and to avoid causing harm to patients. For instance, a part of health care professionals can go on strike, while another will keep working.

Question 2

Health care occupations are qualitatively different from other occupations because health care professionals have to work in life-and-death situations, when the risk of error is higher and its consequences may be fatal. Nevertheless, health care professionals, including both nurses and doctors should have the right to unionize. However, even if nurses do not have the right to unionize, they can use the collective bargain and coordinated work to negotiate better conditions of work. Doctors should have the right to unionize, collectively bargain and strike but their rights to strike, for instance, should be limited because they cannot abandon their work totally but they will have to keep a part of doctors working, while others can go on strike.

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