Essay on HITECH Act

The main aim of this project is to discuss the HITECH Act, paying specific attention to the ‘meaningful use’.
Answering the question what the HITECH Act is, it is possible to state that the abbreviation HITECH may be encoded as The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health. Thus, the HITECH Act is a document, enacted as one of the parts of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, for the purpose of to promote the meaningful use and adoption of health information technology in proper way.

On February 17, 2009, it was signed into law, and allocates $19 billion to those physicians and hospitals who will be able to demonstrate ‘meaningful use’ of electronic medical records. There is no concrete definition of ‘meaningful use’, because it is still being worked by ONCHIT, but there are suppositions that it will include in itself e-prescribing, chart sharing and quality of care measurements.

Moreover, there exist two important considerations about the attempts to interpret ‘meaningful use’. The first consideration is about those specific requirements which health professionals or care delivery organizations must meet in any case, while the second one concerns the technology used by the provider for the purpose of to satisfy all aspects of the Act.

It seems that HITECH Act may affect patients in the positive way, because it not only helps patients to improve their health, but it also gives people an opportunity to receive access to data, knowledge and tools; as a result patients become more informed about everything timely, and have opportunity to manage their health. There is no doubt that HITECH Act greatly affected those employed in the healthcare field, because previously they were not thinking about information security, and after implementation of the HITECH Act into practice they meet some difficulties.

To sum up, we have briefly discussed the main questions concerning HITECH Act and proved its necessity to existed situation in the healthcare sector.

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