Essay on Movie Review: “Nixon”

This paper presents the information on a movie titled “Nixon”. The director of that movie is Oliver Stone, a famous American film screenwriter and producer. This was Stone’s second movie after JFK “John F. Kennedy” about the U.S. presidents. As for the major stars of the movie, it is possible to mention about Anthony Hopkins, Joan Allen, Powers Boothe, Ed Harris, Bob Hoskins, etc.

Excellent acting work adds some interest to the film. Anthony Hopkins is worthy of “Oscar” for this role because that was one of his best works. The movie was released in 1995. It tells us about former U.S. president Richard Nixon. The film describes the years of life of the 37th U.S. President Richard Milhous Nixon, as well as his political career after 1960 – the year of Nixon’s first campaign for president – especially focusing on the events surrounding the Watergate scandal. It was a political scandal during the 1970s that occurred in the USA. The end of this scandal was the resignation of President Richard Nixon. He became the only American president who resigned to avoid an essay

Of course it is possible to compare the movie with the textbooks, class lectures and class discussions, but despite this fact I want to mention that it is very important to watch this movie with your own eyes in order to understand it, feel emotions, etc.

The title of the movie accurately reflects its essence. It is exactly the movie about Richard Nixon, and not about his environment and the consequences of all the actions.

Despite the interesting semantic part, sometimes it is hard to watch a movie. It does not mean that it is boring; probably it is not quite dynamic. It is clear that the film is dialogue and consequently it involves little action.

Talking about the technical side and attitudes toward historic figures or events, it is possible to say that it was not as prominent as in the previous master’s works, but still performed at a high level.

The soundtrack is good. I must say that Oliver Stone and Anthony Hopkins became rather interesting figure of the president. On the one hand, he is an odious leader, who takes fairly hard (but sometimes effective) solutions, and on the other hand he is not alien to human frailties. This is someone who reaches the heights thanks to dedication, loyalty and competence in his work. But in the end, he stumbles and suffers a complete failure because of their excessive enthusiasm, and loses not only the confidence of Americans, but also the work of his life.

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