Essay on The Effects of Globalization of the Labor Market

Globalization is one of the important modern phenomena. This is the process of world economic, political and cultural integration and unification. The labor market is a major subsystem of the economy and is one of the most reliable indicators of its change.

The issue of globalization of the world labor market rises in connection with the globalization of world economy. The profound changes in the processes of employment, work organization, the structure of employment, labor relations pose the problem of the evolution of the world labor market for economic science. In these circumstances, the study of international migration issues and concerns of the international regulation of labor relations go to the fore.

A global division of labor, capital, and human and production resources migration across the planet, standardization of economic and technological processes, convergence and fusion of cultures of different countries are the main consequence of globalization of the world labor market.

International labor migration is the process of emigration and immigration of people of working age in order to obtain work outside their country of residence during a certain period of time. The quantitative composition of legal immigrants is 200 million people, half of which come from developing countries (Rama, 2003).

The dynamics of globalization makes the existing territorial and economic borders easily permeable, so the most pressing issue today is the process of “destruction of the border” (Dumont, 2011). Moving people from one country to another is becoming more free and accessible; it causes such problems as uneven migration, inconstancy of migration flows, and social inferiority. The question how to allocate and utilize human resources is becoming increasingly important. The processes of globalization on the labor market determine its direction and impact on the three main parameters: the labor demand, labor supply and the price of labor.

Speaking of labor migration and the consequences that have an impact on the recipient country, it is possible to note the negative side, and the problems caused by this phenomenon. First, the more active workers from other country create competition and displace the population of the host country accustomed to a more measured way of life. Second, there is the problem of “mood” of visiting workers. Migrant worker always feels like being “denial of rights” and he is aware that members of the host society are always on the level above. Third, there is a problem of inter-faith diffusion and contradictions stemming from it.

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