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College admission essays are more challenging than those requested by the teacher of your class, because you don’t know the people who are going to read them, as well as the other applicants. So you have no idea who are you competing with and who the judges are, but what you know for sure is that you need to write an essay that is really special and interesting, to make it stand out from the rest. It has to be the one that is not easily overlooked and forgotten. Another important point is to avoid turning your writing into a list of all your activities and achievements, because your college essay is not a resume or CV.

You can focus on the significant moments of your life, describing events, going through certain experiences, making important choices or decisions. Consider writing about a person or a book, places or countries you have visited, human relations that have a meaning for you or have influenced your life, philosophies, attitudes and beliefs. Do not just list them in your college essay, though. Transitions from idea to idea are important. Avoid vague and imprecise words, informal language and using the word “I” too often. Or professional writers and editors can help you to structure and proofread your writing, to work out a strong and effective conclusion.

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