Deductive Essay

Deductive essays may seem to be complicated, but it might be helpful to consider the fact that we all use deductive thinking in our everyday life, identifying the origin or cause of something, the reasons for things going a certain way or happening to be different from what we had expected. For example, when you can’t find your wallet or mobile phone, you assume that it could have been lost, stolen, misplaced, left in the car, or perhaps just forgotten at home. Then you start figuring out what is the most likely to have happened, recalling the things you’ve done and places you have been to, just to discover eventually, and perhaps quite unexpectedly, that you put it into your friend’s bag by mistake, because your bags look very much alike.

Deductive thinking is based on analyzing the existing facts to derive a logical conclusion, reasonable solutions or assumptions. The structure of a deductive essay is slightly different from the other types, because it requires a premise (basic fact(s) or knowledge to draw conclusions from), the evidence (comparing and analyzing the information or experiences) and the conclusion (your final evaluation of premises and evidence). Unfortunately, you may not have any time or any interest for it. Fortunately, we have the experts, the time and the experience to custom write your deductive essay and guarantee great results.

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