Essay on Capital Punishment

The issue concerning capital punishment is a controversial one in our society. Some people have positive relation to this measure of punishment, while others do not favor capital punishment as a legal penalty in the U.S. criminal punishment system. (The Effects of Capital Punishment)

As for me, I think that capital punishment is not the right method of punishment. It is wrong to kill people even if they are murderers. They should continue their life in prison where they should have bad living condition and where they will be able to repent their sins. According to the Bible, it is forbidden to kill people. Only God has his right to take human lives, but not human beings. Moreover, it is immoral to sentence criminals to death. They should live in torment, pray and ask God for forgiveness. (Dougherty)

One more important fact concerning capital punishment is that capital punishment is not often just. In many cases, people are wrongly accused of this or that crime. That is why it is better to avoid death penalty in order to correct mistake in future. There are a lot of literary works which describe different cases of capital punishment including wrong accusation.

For example, Sir Thomas More, the main character of Robert Bolt’s play A Man for all Seasons was falsely accused and sentenced to death; Shakespeare’s Desdemona was killed by her husband who was in the fit of rage. In Trumen Capote’s book In Cold Blood, the author describes the case about two killers who committed a quadruple murder and were executed by hanging. So, I think that capital punishment is the most sever measure of punishment which should be forbidden in our criminal system of punishment due to its immorality and anti-religiousness. (Ten Pros and Cons of Capital Punishment)

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