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Most e-commerce business plans fail because the business plan is not properly researched and used, e-commerce is not adequately combined with present business, and good advice is unsought – not for reasons of lack of cost or time, but as the organization does not see any need until too late (Bremner).The business plan needs to be sound as the company will not work efficiently without targets and strategies evidently set out. Financial agencies will not invest money without detailed business plans to examine. A proper plan guarantees that the vital questions are correctly addressed. The plan forms the foundation of the records the company will have to present to the tax authorities. The electronic commerce business plan is only as great as the research and supporting it (Khurana). Web business plans are not really different from other plans, and fail for the same reasons: not enough financial support, over-optimistic dreams, inadequately researched markets, bad execution and financial control.
The impact of e-commerce in marketing and promotion of small and medium retail enterprisesbuy essay
Marketing is considered to be one of the functions of business that are most radically affected by emerging technologies. Organizations may utilize the Internet to provide ongoing data, service and support, creating interaction with clients that may serve as the basis for long-standing ties and support repeat purchases. Web shopping allows customers to stay at home and at the very same time to purchase some necessary goods. People may purchase any kind of product from small and medium retail enterprises even at midnight and from different parts of the Earth.
E-commerce is the catchphrase of the online business revolution. It involves the excitement and focuses of fast emerging market. But it is more than a slogan. At its core it hides an idea for doing business online. E-commerce makes a novel channel for distribution of existing goods. It facilitates direct reach of clients and the bi-directional nature of a message. The rate of delivering data to clients through the Internet leads to great savings for the senders if we compare to non electronic delivery. Huge savings are also realized in delivering digitized goods as opposed to physical delivery. The delivery of digitized goods or services may be lowed to several seconds. Also, the administrative work tied to physical delivery, particularly across intercontinental borders, may be lowed significantly, cutting the time by more than ninety percent. Customer service may be significantly enhanced by providing clients with the opportunity to seek for information online. Also, agents may give the reply to standard e-mail questions in seconds and professional experts’ services may be expedited using special software. On the Web, new small and medium retail enterprises may set up corporate images really quickly. Corporate image means trust, which is important for direct sales. Usual companies utilize their Internet activities to confirm their corporate identity and brand image.
Electronic commerce provides for customization of goods and services, in contrast to purchasing in a shop and making an order from a television, often limited to traditional goods. Direct marketing is regarded as a direct advertisement or it is also often called one-to-one advertising, being far more effective than mass promotion. This evolves a basic alteration in the method in which promotion is conducted not only for Web trades but also for goods and services that are ordered in usual methods. As for ordering system, it should be mentioned that taking orders from clients may radically be improved if it is done on the Web. When taken electronically, orders may be quickly accepted by the appropriate online site. This saves a lot of time and reduces costs. So, small and medium retail enterprises have more time to sell. Also, clients may use computers or other gadgets to check the status of the orders, thus, all the involved parties save their time.
The real market disappears together with the necessity of goods delivering to various marketplaces. Moreover, in the electronic market products are delivered directly to clients when purchasing is completed. For digitally based-software the changes will be remarkable. Already, software packages are usually delivered over the Web. This basically affects packaging and lowers the needs of the historical distribution.
New models of selling like shareware, freeware are rising to maximize the potential of the Web. New forms of marketing will rise as well, such as Web-based promotion, linked advertising, e-mails to clients, and an increased accent on relationship marketing. Clients’ convenience is enhanced, accessibility of goods and services is greater, and cheaper goods are offered more often. All these provide e-commerce with a competitive advantage over the usual direct sales ways. Some scholars forecast the fall of the shopping malls and some retail stores, unless they adopt the new market.

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