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Hinduism and Buddhism are two most popular religions, which originated on the Hindustan peninsula. Though using the same terminology, they differ very distinctively in their key formulations. For example, though both religions acknowledge karma (“action”) but in Hinduism karma is only the correctness of performing a religious ritual, while in Buddhist teachings karma is a key-notion as it comprises the entire cycle of cause and effect relationship. Thanks to good karma a person can hope to be reborn to a higher position in next life in the chain of samsara. As for the differences, Buddhism is not a religion in a strict sense. Buddhism has a moral character and leading the virtuous way of life is more important than religious faith and rites. In fact, the only god in Buddhist system is Buddha himself. In Hinduism, Buddha is only an avatar of Vishnu the Protector (one of the trinity manifestations of Brahman), thus providing only the fragment of truth. Buddhists explain that all the sorrow comes from attachment to other people. As being such, Buddhism promotes detachment.

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Hinduism emphasizes only on complying to Dharma (Duty) in dealings with other people. Furthermore, the Buddhists cannot explain the social inequality of people, as an escape route it suggests inactivity. Hinduism, on the other hand, holds people’s deeds and their karma responsible for any injustice and inequality in society. Buddhism allows for retirement in the woods in search of spiritual perfection since childhood, but Hinduism insists on completing all the duties before anyone could be allowed to pursue perfection. As a final jot, we can add that Buddhism rejects the authority of Vedas and caste system, while for Hinduism they are essential.

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