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Although you can often find statements that informal essays are written mostly to entertain the reader, think again before you start misunderstanding their purpose that is certainly not limited to entertaining. Any type of essay needs to have a point, or several main issues, and a conclusion. Otherwise, why ever start writing if the reader asks: “So what?” when he’s finished reading?

As opposed to formal essays, the informal essay has fewer restrictions that are quite uncomfortable, as you may already know. The writer can use the “you” and “I” sentences extensively, as he is speaking directly to the reader, the language that should be excluded elsewhere is welcome here: everyday words, contractions, cliché, slang and colloquialisms. You are not required to make your essay entertaining or funny, of course, but many people find it easier to grab the reader’s attention, to get their message across, to make their writing more interesting, appealing and enjoyable if they use a humorous or ironic tone. While all this can give you an impression that an informal essay is easy to write, be careful of making it loose and lacking the necessary transitions, so that the reader gets lost. We can effectively help you to avoid that, as well as with locating words and phrases that are repetitive or irrelevant.

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