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All types of essays are personal, to some extent. Even those that are informative, requiring a logical layout of facts, such as research or expository essays, reflect your personal opinions and attitudes through your choice of facts and ways to explain or question the topic or the thesis. Personal essays, however, are written to express, to describe your thoughts, feelings and experiences in a straightforward and sincere manner, not to prove them. Such essays are often targeted at scholarship, college admission and contest committees to give them an idea about your talents, strengths, creativity, personal qualities and anything else that makes you different from other applicants.

Freedom of thought, self-expression and style perhaps makes it more fun to write an essay that is personal, but shouldn’t mislead you into making your writing too fragmentary, inconsistent, informal or confused as to what the main points are. Many things writers include in such essays are irrelevant, too generalized, mentioned very briefly, poorly described or not linked to other points. Take the time and effort to trim your essay nicely and cut off the excess. Now hire essay writer by availing loans for bad credit no guarantor no fees direct lender. Whenever you have doubts that you can do this well, use help and advice of teachers and experts. We can help you with it, as well as with proofreading your personal essay to make it personally outstanding.

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