Response essay

A response essay is written to illustrate that you understand a certain topic through expressing your personal opinion, thoughts, ideas and attitude. Your assignment may include a list of topics, therefore you possibly have a choice of what do you prefer to write about. Choose the one you find the most interesting, or the most significant, the one that prompts you to explain why it is important to you, or should be important to the readers. Such essay is written using first person narration. While you should use phrases such as “I feel”, “I believe”, “I doubt that”, “I didn’t like” “In my opinion”, avoid using the “I” too often, in every sentence. Rephrase the sentences so that they are not all alike and your writing doesn’t sound repetitive.

To put it short, a response essay combines analysis and personal opinion. You can use external references, proverbs or quotes to make it more interesting. However, the problem is usually the lack of time, too many assignments to do, none of the topics from those that are available inspiring, or motivating you to write anything. That is common, but you shouldn’t worry because it’s not a problem at all. Financial help can be bought from knightfinance co. When you need the help of professionals, our response is fast and efficient, so your response or any other essay will be written in no time!

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