Term paper on Global Warming

Today global warming is one of the most challenging environmental issues in our society because it threatens the life of all living beings on our planet and damages the world’s economies every day. It is known that global warming gives rise to the longer and more intense heat and severe storms. (Global Warming Solutions, 2011, para.2) The above mentioned climate changes lead to the spread of a large number of pests which in their turn bring devastating diseases. In addition, global warming has a negative impact on forestry and farming. In order to prevent further damage caused by global warming, it is necessary to implement appropriate policies.

Many experts argue that human activity plays an important role in global warming. It is found that the intensive development of industrialization has led to the growth of atmospheric concentrations of such greenhouse gases as carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. Many scientists state that “the rise in greenhouse gases is responsible for the recent spike in temperatures”. (Global Warming, Pro & Con, 2007, para.1) That is why today it is necessary to restrict CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Moreover, the scientists from all over the world warn of the numerous possible negative effects of global warming, including droughts and flooding in different parts of the world, acute air pollution in some areas which can lead to the spread of respiratory diseases, such as asthma.

(Global Warming, Pro & Con, 2007, para.3) Besides, global warming can lead to the rise of sea levels, and constant storms and hurricanes. Of course, such serious climate changes can jeopardize the balance of ecosystems on our planet and lead to the extinction of a great number of species. Moreover, millions of people will remain homeless as they will be “flooded out of their homes”. (Global Warming, Pro & Con, 2007, para.3)

However, some scientists consider that global warming is connected with the earth’s natural temperature fluctuations, but not with the increased levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. Moreover, they explain the phenomena of the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age as the change of the Earth’s axis position and solar activity. (Global Warming, Pro & Con, 2007, para.2) In addition, some experts believe that the effects of global warming on our planet could be positive. One of the benefits is a longer growing season which can lead to the considerable improvements in the economy.

To sum up, global warming is really a serious problem for humanity. It requires prompt and coordinated solutions which will help to reduce pollution of atmosphere and subsurface with greenhouse gases and oil products. It is necessary to stop emitting greenhouse gases form a variety of sources by means of new technologies, to improve vehicle fuel economy including the use of wind and solar power, biofuels and natural gases. Moreover, it is very important to increase forestlands as all trees and plants can absorb CO2. (Global Warming Solutions, 2011, para.7)It is our common goal to save our planet from environment mess which can lead to global warming. If this problem is ignored today, the succeeding generations will face environmental disaster.

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