This work is dedicated to the specific topic. It is a reaction paper for education of adults. It consists from summarizing and analyzing the information and thoughts, given in different works about this theme. The essay’s task is to analyze- from a social psychological perspective- the behaviors and events depicted in the chosen theme. Detailed overview can allow getting the main ideas, advantages and disadvantages of a big amount of thoughts and arguments. The done work is original and specified. Our core focus will be on the determining main standpoints of such questions: to identify some principles of the approaches to adult education, to discuss what I am reacting to and why, to note the method of the research work and to supply it with arguments, and to support my ideas and other. Thus, I am going to show and illustrate all sides of the chosen theme through this paper.
Keywords: principle, studying, adult, student

History Of Adult Education
In the introduction, I think it will be appropriately to mention that the main topic of the writing is the history of adult education, its benefits to students, methods and others. In conclusion, the inference let us summarize and sum up all the information we are going to discuss. The aim of the writing is to fully discuss all significant events of the history of the adult education. The purpose of this paper is to identify main problems and events of the history of education, problems of the system of education, methods and ways of learning children and other related questions. The reason is that every system has its mistakes, problems and defects, weakness and of course advantages. Introduction in the paper establishes the importance of the question and indicates which aspects of it are addressed in the paper. At last, the aim is to make an argumentative conclusion, including all topics and questions. As far as I am concerned, this theme is important and popular through the people and during many centuries, because an education is something which helps to adapt a child to a real world and future life. Therefore, let the explaining of the topic begin. It is definitely important to acknowledge that there is a wide range of things that makes an education “effective” and paper’s goal is to discuss a good range of such ideas.

In order to explain this theme better, I may reflect on myself as a learner: for example, consider the practices, conditions and opportunities under which I feel learning has been most effective for me. This essay however will not be the completely descriptive of theory, or just practice, but I will try to demonstrate the inextricable links between theory and practice. The intent of the writing is to be pragmatic in focus. And to deeper, new approaches in learning children, I believe, will give advantages and privileges in the whole system, and will help children to be adapted to the grown up life better, than now.

This paragraph is dedicated to the method discussion and describing the sources, libraries, databases, Web sites, etc., I used for this paper. The basic process models, which are given above cannot be the one possible point of start, selecting the investigative method for the chosen problem. A set of models that are working may also be adopted from the research project that was published earlier, moreover, much time can be saved not spent testing and planning a new and successful tailor-made method. Stating the core focus, which is on the problem, depicted below, we should mention that it should be about an issue or problem with a main element or process in the educational model that is of concern now. Royse (2001) argued, if the intervention or program is statewide with multiple providers, you might want to have all of this information for each provider and those participants served by that provider. It can be said beyond any reasonable doubts, that the information and data are undeniably useful in process evaluations. Based on my opinion, process evaluation refers only to implementation and the procedures that are used to implement or operate the program. The data can be participant demographic characteristics or perspectives/opinions, also referral sources for the program, services, which are delivered/received and program activities and many other, including financial documentation.

Data collection methods are said to be full of different methods developed and information sources applied in educational research. They are documents, surveys (mail, telephone, web-based), agency electronic client data files, focus groups (participants and/or staff), client case files, personal interviews. The result expected from gaining data is receiving reliable and full information to make analysis and have a success in the research. Such results can be put to practical use in making changes. Using of these results and experience will lead to the changes in the sphere I am going to research.

The literature I used to write this paper was written by authoritative researches, scientists and professors. It helped me a lot, including summarizing related knowledge, containing the issues and methods. It tells about educational system, its problem and history. In addition, it relates to the theme of this paper. In some articles I have found the definitions, which I need primarily. Several great works are an important step in helping social workers protect and provide services for some of the most vulnerable members of our society.

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