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The definition of nursing is the discussable question. Everybody knows that initially nursing developed from traditional mother role. At the 15th century people have got an idea that person can advising or looking after another person, not necessarily a child. Florence Nightingale described the principles of professional nursing in the book “Notes of nursing” in 1860 , and at the beginning of 20th century first professional nurses was registered. However, then the development of nursing almost stopped. That time nurse was the lowest position in medical hierarchy, so the main task of every nurse was to follow the doctors directions. Our days nursing have broadened the knowledge base greatly. That is why some researchers (Leddy and Pepper) recognize nursing as a scientific discipline.

Really, if we define science as “An activity that appears to require study and method” (American Heritage Dictionary, 2003), nursing meets this definition. But this scientific discipline needs the creativity in its accomplishment. The art of nursery is to use all the knowledge and experience varying in every particular case and to create the individualized care for every patient.

I strongly believe that the nurse is not just an addition to doctor but independent specialist who can help people to improve health, cure illness, or meet the peaceful death. This is congruent with the definition of American Nurses Association: “Nursing is the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities; prevention of illness and injury; alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human responses; and advocacy in health care for individuals, families, communities, and populations.” (ANA, 2003). Our days the Earth population reached six billions of people, so the shortage of nurses is no wonder. People need nurses, so people need me. I am willing to help people that is why I decided to be a nurse. This profession affords to use ones body, brain, heart and soul in the best way.


Person can become a nurse in many ways. For example, it is possible to become a licensed practical nurse after two years of schooling.
This path needs less time, but its main disadvantage is impossibility to move up to the management. Degree of Bachelor of Science in
Nursing requires at least four years of schooling, but during this time student attends a courses of nursing science, leadership, research, nursing informatics. As more trained specialist nurse with BSN degree can earn higher salary. After all Bachelor can take Master Degree and go on as a nurse manager or teacher.

My personal role transition

I want to scrutinize all the aspects of nursing. First of all I’ll accumulate the required knowledge base. I’d like to work as the nurse to obtain the practical experience. If I extract enough unique experience and information, I’d want to share it with others. Our government awards grants to nursing schools because of the growing demand for qualified nurses, so the teaching is the good and lucrative career opportunity for the nurse.

From the other side more nurses require more effective management. Candidates to management position have to hold Master or Doctor degree in nursing. BSN can be a first stage to the position of American Nurse Association president. Graduate nurse education builds on the skills and knowledge acquired at the baccalaureate level. BSN prepares student for nursing practice and for advanced practice nursing.


During the five years I have:
– to narrow my interests;
– to choose the total path of further personal and professional development.

At the nearest time (6-7 month) I plan:
– to improve the skill of information gathering.
– to obtain an administrative position in college

What I have to do to achieve desired goals

I plan to take part in different forms of studying. Working on discussion groups can test me teaching abilities.

The opportunity to participate in local or state committees can become an excellent background for future manager positions.

I have to study current trends in the global medicine and understand what problems are the most topical for today and what the global perspectives are for nursing.

I have to read Nursing journals to learn about all new in my profession.

I have to take the initiative when it is possible and required.

A need of advanced education

As stated above, global society needs more nurses at the beginning of 21 century. To increase the quantity of professionals nursing schools need good teachers. Qualified managers have to make this numerous nursing personnel work efficiently. Managers and teachers both are mostly nurses with advanced professional degrees. So we see that graduate education is in keen demand. I plan to continue schooling after a few years of practical work.
New skills and knowledge.

History of nursing shows that approach to the nursing itself and to its methods changed regularly. The greatest benefit of university education is the skill of working with information. Professional have to search new information about his activity, compare it with knowledge base and practical experience and make own conclusions. The ideal specialist have to learn all his life and to adapt to new trends. For example, most of nurses have to follow care plan for every patient. However, last time the system of care plans attracted criticism because of absence of individual approach to every patient. Every nurse have to understand that care plan for young men without medical history and elder diabetic cannot be identical even if both of them had appendectomy.
Mentors and support system to achieve goals.

The difference between novice and expert is that novice pays more attention to the technical details of nursing meantime the expert can appreciate the whole situation. Clinical nurse expert is the best mentor for the new nurse. Besides teaching professional skills mentors facilitate new experiences, also they can introduce new nurse to the colleagues, make them the part of professional network, help to obtain new challenges and opportunities and make the career decisions.
As for support system, big professional association, like American Nurse Association, can become an excellent support for new nurse and it worth to become its member.
Challenges and barriers

I think that challenges and barriers are mainly the result of hard and systematic work or its absence. I think that the person who works hard, have strong motivation and oriented to its aim, will receive the desirable result sooner or later. Thomas Edison invented the electric lamp after more than two hundreds of fails.

My goals and my nursing philosophy

My goals are congruent with my professional philosophy. I want to fulfill myself as professional in demand. My work will be competent, creative and well-compensated. The aim of the work is to help other people, and this is the greatest aim in the world.

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