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Mixed system of private and public responsibility for health care has introduced in the United States. I want to pay our attention on the topic of health insurance. According to we can conclude that “with nearly 45 million Americans without health insurance, expanding coverage to the uninsured is a major, national health policy issue.” There are several ways of insurance in America. Nowadays most Americans have some form of private health insurance, but there are people who cannot afford insurance.

The United States of America is possessor of the most expensive health care system in the world. Outlays on the system of health care in the United States are more than in any other country. However during the last 30 years the increase of charges on this direction takes place mainly due to the governmental programs that can undermine the financial stability of the country.

I want to note that nowadays US health insurance costs rise faster than wages. What is the reason of such rising? We know that health insurance premiums for workers are rising around three times faster than their wages, and health costs eat up a quarter of earnings for more than 14 million Americans, according to last government reports. People complain that while benefits are being cut, health insurance premiums are rising. Concordantly to the official information, the United States are the unique industrial country in the world that has no developed universal health care system. In the USA about 84% citizens have medical insurance, 64% from them insurance is given by employer, 9% – purchased it independently, 27% citizens insurance is given within the framework of the government programs.

The certain government programs allow getting insurance to invalids, people of the elderly age, children, veterans, poor people, and also providing the first aid to all habitants of the country regardless of their ability to pay it. More than 45% charges of country in the system of health care go to financing of the similar government programs; thus, a government of the USA is the most insurer of nation.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned about uninsured I want to add that many Americans that have no private insurance, fall under the action of such governmental programs, as Medicare and Medicaid, and also other programs of the different states and local-authorities for poor people. One of researches proved that about 25% uninsured habitants of the USA (it is something about 11 million people) would participate in one or another government program, but on some reason did not get under their action. In such a way nowadays one of the government aims is expansion of these programs sphere of action on all layers of population. Stormy debates are presently conducted round availability, efficiency and quality of medical services, but there is one indisputable truth which provokes all these debates: all people have a right to be healthy.

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