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Traditionally, people are concerned with their professional and personal success. However, it is extremely difficult to succeed in the modern society, especially when an individual has to climb up the social ladder. At the same time, theater and cinematography are often viewed by people as the shortest way to the glory and success, but, in actuality, the real life of actors and actresses is far from perfect and dreams of success at stage often turn into despair and disillusioning. In this respect, “Sweet Charity” and “My Sister Eileen” reveal numerous problems which actors and actresses face in their life.

In fact, the main characters of both films, Charity and Eileen are very concerned with their professional career, although both characters have to start from the lowest point in the social hierarchy. At first glance, Charity is close to the success because she has several occasions when she has practically succeeded in her professional life, but, eventually, she always turn out to be a loser that seems to be her destiny. For instance, when she gets acquainted with Vittorio Vidal, it seems as if she is just about to start a successful professional career because Vittorio has money and he has ample opportunities to promote Charity in her professional career. Visit However, her first success turns out to be her failure since Vittorio forgets about Charity as soon as his girlfriend comes back to him, while Charity has nothing to do but to return to dancing.

At the same time, Charity is really a good person and she is spiritually rich. For instance, she helps all the poor she meets giving them all the money she has got, although she has got a few. Her personal life is also a total failure. She does not have a man on whom she could rely. When she meets Oscar, it seems as if she has got a chance to a better life and personal happiness, but, eventually Oscar depart and abandons her alone. In such a way, her last hope for personal happiness is totally ruined. Obviously, the main character of the film constantly fails, in spite of all her efforts to change her life for better that implies that she is a loser, but her inner world, does not fully meet this image of a loser. In fact, she is still a good person, even though she cannot succeed in life, but it is rather the society’s fault than that of her own.

As for “My Sister Eileen”, the main character of the film, Eileen also attempts to succeed. She dreams of a stage and she hopes that one day she will become a celebrity, a star, but, in actuality, she has stumble through numerous challenges and difficulties confronting miscomprehension and narrow-mindedness of people. It seems as if there is no one who can really understand and support her, but her sister. In this regard, Eileen is similar to Charity since, in spite of a good character, she still fails to succeed, but unlike Charity, Eileen has her sister and she can count for her support that leaves the room for success of the main character and she cannot be viewed as a loser.

Thus, it is obvious that both films depict highly controversial characters who are good and kind but who cannot succeed. In such a way, they are loser in professional and social life, but they are winner as good and kind people.

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