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Worldwide, the practice of capital punishment is very controversial, with many concerns ranging from personal rights to economic effectiveness being raised in talks about death penalty. The practice of executing individuals for some criminal violations is ancient.

The term actually dates to a Latin root. Nevertheless, our society is constantly evolving and it is very important to be more humane, kind and compassionate to other people. Present paper is meant to provide several points for death penalty and some counterarguments against capital punishment.

Some countries allow death penalty for violations like drug trafficking, and in some nations where homosexuality is against the law it is punishable by execution. But capital punishment in this case is not morally suitable. The state has no total right to put the members of its population to death for slight crimes. Some followers of capital punishment say that death penalty helps put dangerous criminals off the streets and it provides the relief and closure to family members of victims (Messerli, 2011). Yes, it is easier to judge multiple murderers, but think about 18-year-old girl imprisoned for drug trafficking. Singapore punished 2 young ladies for this crime who were both only eighteen when they were imprisoned. It is not so simple to judge young girls who did not take anyone’s life away and who had the whole life in front of them.

Supporters of the capital punishment assert that money is not the unlimited commodity and the government can spend money on old, young and sick members of the society, rather than on the lasting imprisonment of felons, killers, rapists. However, the truth is that administering capital punishment rightly and fairly is extremely expensive, and it’s much more cost effective to concentrate on imprisonment. The thing is that a person convinced of a murder has to go through the endless delays in carrying out execution. So, the period of time spent on death row may be over 12 years. Naturally, it is more practical to choose imprisonment instead of capital punishment.

Many people agree that capital punishment eternally removes the worst felons from the streets and it is safer for other human beings than lasting or permanent imprisonment (Kartha). It is obvious that deceased felons cannot commit more murders and rapes, either within jail or after being released from prison. However, it must be remembered that felons are real people as well. They can sense pain, panic and the loss of their relatives, and the emotions that the rest of human beings can feel. It is important to pay attention to the nightmare the innocent relatives and friends of criminals are likely to go through. It may be very hard for them to realize that their beloved people could be guilty of so terrible crime and the punishment is death. Yes, there is no need to deny the pain of the victim’s relatives, but the relatives of a convinced person will suffer as well. Also, there is always the fundamental confidence that truly innocent human beings may be executed (Hinton, 2009). There is no real method of compensating them for this fault of justice. Besides, a person convinced of the murder may admit that someone died, but he may disagree that the killing was a murder. Only the convinced person knows what really happened. That is why, people may be convicted of killing when they should have been convicted of self-defense or something like that.

So, any punishment has to be fair and adequate. Society still treats kill as a principally monstrous crime which should be reacted with the strictest punishment. But, I am against the maximum punishment as it fails to make a distinction between actually terrible crimes and crimes which, being homicides, are more reasonable to the rest of people. Besides, imprisonment is not such a soft option as many people think and this perception has to be corrected. Capital punishment may be substituted by life in jail without parole. It is a practical alternative to death penalty for the most horrible felons. And many researches in the USA have demonstrated that life without parole has substantial support amongst people who would otherwise choose the death penalty.

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