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The article ‘Why You Should Consider Starting a Concession Stand Business’ (n.a.) mentions a list of things that are needed at the moment of opening a private business in mobile food concession stand, for example: food truck, cart or stand; generator; food supplies; licenses and permits; cell phone; and computer for paperwork and finance operations. (‘Why You Should Consider Starting a Concession Stand Business’, n.a.)

According to Jones (n.a.), the process of business plan creation consists of several stages, such as applying for a business license through the contact with the local business administration office and applying for a retail food establishment license by contacting the local health department. At the initial stage of the small business planning, the concession stand owner will have to find out the details about food handler’s and food manager’s licenses for employees. In addition, the businessman has to get in touch with the fire department in order to inquire regarding the fire safety recommendations for the mobile concession stands.

The first step is legalities and the knowledge of how this business operates. The basic elements of any business, including mobile food concession, are the issues of licenses and taxes. Every level of the state administration, for instance, city, county, state, or federal government needs to be ensured the taxes are paid by private businesses. In addition, the article ‘Getting started’ (2011) gives detailed recommendations to the potential business owners regarding the business opening procedures. First of all, the potential businessman should get in touch with the local city hall and inquire about the particular permits that should be received. The useful advice that is suggested by this source to the potential mobile food concession stand owners is to discuss the requirements and standards of the hot dog cart or trailer before the equipment is bought. (Getting started, 2011)

Jones (n.a.) states, the registration of the mobile food concession stand business may be made as a corporation, partnership or limited liability company. The businessman has to apply for Employer Identification Number to be able to open the business bank account and operate business paperwork and use the necessary tax forms. It should be followed by the purchase of business insurance that will allow covering the costs of possible damage, lawsuits or settlements from a licensed insurance rovider. (Jones, n.a.)

The purchase of the equipment is the second step in the process of opening the mobile food concession stand. The potential mobile food concession owner should gather and analyze all the available information about hot dog cart and trailer vendors and make a decision what size and type of machine will be the most suitable for this individual’s expectations and requirements and of course meet the budget limitations. (Getting started, 2011) As for the purchase or lease of the mobile concession stand, the most important requirement to the stand is that it should be a large size so that concession stand owner is able to put together the plates, store food supplies and also they should provide the opportunity to heat up food. (Jones, n.a.)

The third step in accordance the article ‘Getting started’ (2011) is finding the location for the new business. Jones (n.a.) in the article ‘How to Run a Concession Stand Business’ notes that many public areas are suitable for concession stands placements, for instance, shopping malls, sporting venues, fairgrounds, beaches and in local parks that allow vendors to sell food. (Jones, n.a.) The major advantage of mobile stand business is the freedom to travel to different places to sell food, while permanent stands are suitable for the businessman that is looking for constancy. This stage is claimed to be the most challengeable one, because in accordance to the authors of the article: ‘there are a plenty of good locations, a few really good locations, and lots of bad locations’. The major factor when making a decision about the location of the new vending business is to choose places with lots of people, such as parks, various transport stations, areas near educational institutions, downtown area with a lot of office buildings around it. Clearly, all these locations will be good options for lunch-time business. Additionally, the article provides the practical recommendations of how the relationship with the landlord should be established. The first impression has a significant importance; therefore the mobile food concession stand owner should demonstrate the look and manners of the professional businessman by dressing in a suit and explaining the benefits of their future cooperation to the landlord. Finally when it comes to the first day of operation, the owner should shop for the best ingredients, such as hot dogs, sausages, and buns.

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