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Comparing the two films “Nixon” and “Malcolm X”, it is possible to mention that they both have some differences and similarities. Firstly, they are similar in their genres: they are both dramas based on a biography of Nixon and Malcolm X. In addition, the movies greatly reflect the atmosphere of that time and provide the historical events that clearly show the true information on the tragic fate and life of Nixon and Malcolm X.

As for me I liked to watch this movie because the cinematography was excellent and very exciting. There is no doubt that it is boring to watch movies about politics that involves a lot of words and little action. But in this case I enjoyed that movie very much because the video portion of a television signal was quite stylish, although at the same time calm.

Another paper introduces the theme about a movie named “Malcolm X”. The director of that movie is Spike Lee, an American film producer, actor, and writer. Talking about the major stars of the movie, it is possible to say about Denzel Washington, Angela Bassett and Delroy Lindo. The movie was released in 1992 as an American biographical film about the Muslim-American leader, whose name was Malcolm X.

Thus, this movie tells us a story about an outstanding African-American fighter for the rights of black Malcolm X. The film clearly provides the information on Malcolm X’s life and tragic fate, showing his spiritual evolution from black racism to an understanding of the need to build a society in which the representatives of different races and religions will be able to get along.

Malcolm’s father, a minister, was killed by people from the Ku Klux Klan. This fact broke the young man’s life. He became a gangster and did not recognize the laws and prohibitions. But prison has changed Malcolm. He met a Muslim preacher, who opened his new spiritual world. Coming to freedom, the future leader of the black men went on a pilgrimage to Mecca. Malcolm became a Sunni, and his life could not be the same as before.

All in all, Malcolm X was brutally murdered during a meeting.

According to Vincent Canby, “Malcolm X lived a dozen different lives, each in its way a defining aspect of the black American experience from nightmare to dream.

There was never any in-between for the man who was initially called Malcolm Little, the son of a Nebraska preacher, and who, when he died, was known by his Muslim name, El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz” (par. 1).

Comparing the movie with the textbooks, class lectures and class discussions, it is possible to say that watching it is much more effective in understanding the main points of Malcolm X’s life and occupation.

Talking about a historical part of this movie, it is necessary to say that it is historically and culturally significant. All the details were greatly performed: wild color suits, chic, crime, passion, and indeed the whole atmosphere of that time quite interesting and exciting.

As for me I liked watching this movie because it teach us respect all the people regardless of their nationality, race, ethnicity, etc. and shows that all persons are equal in their rights and freedoms. Furthermore, it is necessary to add that it was not boring to watch it because it was full of emotions and actions. I really enjoyed this movie and it is evidently worth watching. This movie is a very detailed and accurate display of all the vicissitudes of life and struggle of Malcolm X with racism, corruption, lawlessness, treachery in the camp of supporters. Lee, the director of this movie, not just wanted to tell the story of one person, but rather wished to reflect the fight of a race. As for me, Spike Lee made a great film about the legendary figure and his biography.

Comparing the two movies I watched, it is possible to say that they are alike in genres: they are both biographical dramas, providing the information on the tragic fate of such historical figures as Nixon and Malcolm X. Both movies are historically significant and reflect the atmosphere of that time.

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