On this issue there are many studies and their results do not provide any evidence on the relationship between cancer and use of mobile phones.
Interesting in this regard is the study conducted by a team of scientists from Denmark, headed by Dr. Patricia Frei – a medical scientist from the Institute of Cancer Epidemiology. This study was conducted to study the influence of mobile phones on the risk of cancer. A along-term study showed no statistically significant association between prolonged cell phone use and risk of brain tumors. This is stated in the article of Danish researchers, published in the British Medical Journal in autumn 2010. The publication, prepared by the Danish Cancer Society, is a regular analysis of data obtained during long-term monitoring of hundreds of thousands of Danes who regularly use mobile phones. The study used medical records of 358,000 mobile phones users during the period from 1990 to 2007. In general, a study revealed 5111 cases of brain cancer in men and 5618 cases in women. At the same time in both men and women who use mobile phones more than 13 years, the relative risk for this disease was 1.03 (95% CI 0,83-1,27) and 0.91 (0,41-2,04), respectively, in compared with the control group. Morphological analysis of tumors showed that among those who used mobile communications, the most frequently occurred glioma. The risk of this type of tumor in this category surveyed was increased by 20%. It is necessary to note that for men of the experimental group meningioma risk was reduced by 20%, and for women the figure was comparable with the control (1.02 0,71-1,47). Comparing these data with the incidence of brain tumors in the whole population, the researchers found no statistically significant connection between the duration of mobile phone usage and increased risk of some types of tumors. In particular, the researchers failed to detect increased incidence of gliomas and meningiomas of the brain in a subgroup of participants who used cell phones for 13 years or more. Also, the results of the study showed no association between use of mobile phones and increased risk for tumors of the brain areas that are closest to the phone when talking. (Frei et al., 2010)
In general, the findings suggest that mobile phones have no effect on the risk of brain cancer. It should be added that this study is the most ambitious of its kind: it examined more than 350 thousand people who use mobile phones. Though despite such optimistic findings, the study authors note that the currently available data do not exclude the relationship between the radiation of mobile phones and the risk of certain CNS tumors. For example, additional research is needed to assess the risk of these diseases among those who had often and long talk on a cell phone, or use these devices for more than fifteen years.
The same study is mentioned in the article by Hope J., published in Dailymail on 21 October 2010. The author claims that the study by Danish scientists is one of the largest in recent years, as it nvestigated data about 358,000 mobile users over 18 years. The article provides statements of famous scientists (Professor Malcolm Sperrin, Director of Medical Physics at Royal Berkshire Hospital and Fellow of the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine; Denis Henshaw, Emeritus Professor of Human Radiation Effects, Bristol University). Though many other scientists disagree with the results and argue the study was not accurate.

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