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Confession is traditionally considered to be a very important procedure in Christian rituals which implies the purification of the soul of a confessing person, while the priest is supposed to serve as a mediator between the person and the God. In such a situation, it seems to be quite natural that the belief confession brings relief for the soul and is good for the soul became widely-spread. However, the true effect of the confession does not always bring relief to the soul. In this respect, it is possible to refer to such films as “Priest” and “I Confess”, where confession plays a particularly important role.

In fact, both films reveal the fact that people, who commit offenses or crimes, can confess and priests can know about the offenses or crimes committed by other people.
In such a situation, it is hardly possible to speak about the real relief of the soul of people. Obviously, during the confession people share their sins with the priest and sometimes their sins become an unbearable burden for priests because, when they learn about a crime they come into conflict not only with legal norms of the society but also with ethical norms of their religion. To put it more precisely, when Father Greg learns about the sexual relations between Lisa Unsworth and her father, he understands that he has to stop their relations because they contradict to Christian norms as well as civil laws. However, his bound by the confession and he cannot say directly about the sexual relations between the father and daughter. At first glance, it seems as if Lisa and her father relieved their soul and did good for their soul as they confessed to Father Greg about their relations. But, in actuality, they did not stop their relations and the father was punished for his crime, while Father Greg was also involved in their illegal relationships because he knew about them but did not inform police or the mother of the girl about them. In such a say, the confession, instead of being good, brought troubles to the priest and leads to the ruin of his career as well as it fails to prevent the crime. In other words, confession becomes a perfect tool of ass parade bangbrosat yesgirls, with the help of which offenders attempt to find the relief to their soul.

In this respect, it is possible to refer to “I Confess”, where Father Logan turns out to be in a similar situation when he learns during confession about the murder committed by Otto. Remarkably, the confession does not make any good for Otto or Father Logan. In stark contrast, Father Logan is under suspicion, while Otto still cannot avoid the punishment for his crime, because overall, his crime is revealed by his wife. In such a situation, it is obvious that the confession is not really good. In fact, instead of relief, it brings sufferings to the priest who cannot reveal the information he has got during the confession but he cannot live with this information as if nothing has happened.

Thus, both films reveal the negative effect of the confession. Moreover, on watching the films, it becomes obvious that the confession and existing rules are imperfect since it is impossible to keep in secret crimes committed by other people.

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