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Advantages and Disadvantages of Marketing Strategy
With the advancing technologies that take place in business today, firms have to be prepared, and capable to adapt within constantly changing environment. Companies need to be capable to use various tools that technology may offer. As e-commerce has developed and continues to evolve, it is significant that any company, in any particular sphere of business, must base strategic planning around rapidly growing medium.
The ArtStar uses the strategy of remarketing. It allows marketers to convince a potential client, who previously visited the Web page but did not buy anything – to visit the page one more time, but this time to purchase. The major idea of this strategy is to transfer a simple visitor to a paying client, avoiding neglect of shopping cart.
The advantages of this strategy are as follows:
1. Noteworthy increase in profits due to the fact that the notion of revisiting is to finish a deal that was not completed before.
2. The strategy is really cost effective. It is cost effective as the Web business can reduce expenses for marketing advertisements, because businesses may simply do the follow-up marketing either with the help of email, calls, or, merely by utilizing the same ads – but with another pricing.
3. Online companies may also save time and money by doing follow-ups on certain customers only, like those who earlier tried to acquire something.
4. Creating modifiable price quotas is another benefit of e-commerce strategy. This is because if price lists are visible and available by the client, and if the company finds out that another Web site is reducing prices on the same goods – the firm may have a choice of reducing prices as well.
The disadvantages of the strategy are the following:
1. The organization can’t insure that e-commerce strategy might work on the client. Sometimes customers that abandoned shopping cart were never actually interested in products.
2. Remarketing does not concern Web pages that do not ask for email or other details from customer. This is particularly true with sites that include merely fundamental information about the firm and goods.
3. Privacy issues on browsers limit the success of remarketing campaigns, like in case when the person’s cookie is not set-up to obtain advertisements. Besides, e-mails sent to potential clients might be considered annoying spam, making the whole campaign ineffective.
4. On the consumer’s opinion, steady advertising that may be seen in a form of pop-up messages may be considered irritating and provide a very negative result.
The appropriate e-commerce strategy is an effective method to increase the business. This is likewise a perfect way of keeping existing clients updated – by informing them of new goods. And, it may be an excellent way of ensuring the long-lasting membership of customers and profits for the art organization. Obviously, ArtStar took into account all disadvantages and advantages of the strategy of remarketing, as according to recent analysis this organization became a very successful art service provider.

So, in the present paper I discussed e-business of the art organization ArtStar. I discussed the key objectives for organization developing an e-business strategy and the factors that acted as barriers and drivers. I paid attention to the successful e-business strategy of ArtStar, and advantages or disadvantages of this strategy. ArtStar and Ecommerce Partners have created not simply a web page, but totally new business online in the times of financial crisis. The company set the goals and objectives, created successful strategy and managed to become one of the most popular and well-known art portals in the world.

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