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Essays: The benefits, shortcomings, and comparison of manual and computerized accounting

Today, accounting is changing substantially due to the introduction of new technologies. In this respect, computerizing of accounting is particularly significant because it changes accounting substantially and contemporary accounting tends to become more and more computerized, compared to the conventional accounting of the past, when accounting was manual. However, it is worth mentioning the fact Continue Reading

Essays: Role of accounting profession

A requirement in accounting of incomes and charges and also in adjusting of money streams increases constantly. In a great deal it determines high popularity of accounting profession in our days. In recent years we have witnessed several major accounting scandals that rocked the business community and hurt investor confidence; some major companies were involved Continue Reading

Accounting task

Task A. Table 1 shows the Trial Balance for the Works Co as on 1/01/2011. Account Debit Rs. Credit Rs. Sales £375,000 Cash £1,700 Sales Returns £9,100 Purchase Returns £6,300 Equipment £22,000 Discount Allowed £6,000 Opening Stock £12,000 Salaries £63,000 Electricity and Gas £7,200 Capital £50,000 Sundry expenses £4,300 Premises £216,000 Discount Received £5,200 Vehicles Continue Reading

Essay on Accounting – writing assignment, accounting knowledge required Microsoft and Google

In actuality, Microsoft and Google are behemoth of information technology industry that operate internationally and have proved to be successful in their business development, regardless of the economic recession and global financial crisis. Today, companies are successful, although their financial performance differs. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that, even though the Continue Reading

Essays: Accounting Case: Toward Sustainability

In actuality, many health care organizations attempt to develop their performance to improve the quality of their services and to provide patients with health care services of the high quality. In this regard, it is possible to refer to the case of Dr. M.L. Dhawale Trust Hospital, which focuses on the sustainable financial development and Continue Reading