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Term paper: The ethical responsibilities of companies that use advertising

At first glance, advertising is essential for companies because it helps them to promote their products and services as well as brands. In addition, advertising can be cost-efficient and bring considerable benefits to companies not only in a short-term but also in a long-term perspective. However, in actuality, advertising is extremely dangerous because it affects Continue Reading

Essays on The impact of mass media and advertising on consumers

At the same time it is important to remember about the power of mass media to shape preferences of customers. In actuality, many specialists (Chomsky, 1997) argue that mass media has a very substantial impact on the consciousness of people to the extent that mass media can shape an individual’s identity. This means that mass Continue Reading

Essay on The impact of mass media and advertising on consumers

Taking into consideration the growing impact of advertising, it is necessary to understand reasons why advertising becomes so influential in the modern society. In this respect, mass media play a crucial role along with companies that use advertising to reach their target customer group and they use all possible means and techniques including means and Continue Reading

Essays: A Philosophical Look at the Ethics of Advertising

In order to understand the power of advertising as a tool of the mind control, it is necessary to briefly dwell upon the essence and mechanism of the impact of advertising on consumers’ consciousness or mind and possible effects of the impact. First of all, it should be said that researchers (Pine and Gilmore, 2007) Continue Reading

Essay: A Philosophical Look at the Ethics of Advertising

Today, advertising influences consistently consumers to the extent that some specialists (Blanchard & Bowles, 1993) warn against the negative impact of advertising on the behavior of consumers. In this respect, the debate concerning advertising and its impact on consumers mainly refers to the possible impact of advertising on the consciousness of consumers to the extent Continue Reading