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Essay on Beauty (Re)discovers the Male Body Personal and Critical Analysis of Ads

It is known that today the male nude is widely used in advertising. Millions of different ads with male nude attract attention of consumers from different countries of the world. The beauty of the male body, which can be found on the magazine covers and billboards, on the websites and advertising booklets, gives an opportunity Continue Reading

Term paper on Female images in advertising

A careful analysis of verbal and nonverbal elements of advertising images reveals the ambiguity of look thrown by the audience on an advertising model, and by the model on the viewer (Cortese, 2007). According to Hogg and Garrow (2003) the look of the model pierces (castrates) the viewer, breaking his “sexual fixation”. If the eyes Continue Reading

Essay on Female images in advertising

Speaking of women in advertising, the basic methods of “gender” advertising can be observed, such as attention to breasts, feet, attention to the genitals, sex (Greer, 1999). Looking more subtle, it is possible to see such subtypes of using women as the metamorphosis of the female body in the product sold, woman-man relationships, woman and Continue Reading

Essay on Using women as a tool in advertising for men products

The main objective of advertising is to have emotional and psychological impact on a person in order to proceed in the direction of persuasion – to buy goods, use service, make political choices, etc. (Berger, 2001). The authors of the majority of modern researches share common opinion that by means of an advertised product the Continue Reading