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Essay: What to do if you are the only person who wants to work in your company?

Moira’s situation is not rare nowadays. Very often people idealize sphere of business. Having read a number of books on team work and principles of successful management, they decide that all managers follow the rules and aspire to have united and productive team of employees. However, in reality among managers there are certainly different people. Continue Reading

Essay on Ford Pinto case and business ethics

There are situations in business when business ethics, moral and perspective of getting more profit, conquering the market etc. become opposite to each other. What should be chosen in such situations and which decision may benefit the company more? The aim of this essay is to analyze these issues regarding the Ford Pinto case, to Continue Reading

Essays on Business Ethics

In actuality, the problem of the climate change is still under the study but scientists (Fusaro and James, 2006) have already agreed on the disastrous impact of the climate change on the planet and living species inhabiting the Earth. In this regard, many specialists (Antes, 2006) agree that Kyoto Protocol and other measures undertaken by Continue Reading

Buy essay on Business Ethics

Today, the problem of the climate change is a challenge not only for the environment but also for the economic development of the contemporary world. In fact, the economic development of the world is closely intertwined with the problem of the climate change. To put it more precisely, the economic development of the world contributes Continue Reading

Buy essay on Corporate social responsibility and business ethics

Speaking about the further development of corporate social responsibility of LG electronics Company, it is possible to make the following recommendations: 1. To participate in activities that contribute to strengthening the position in the countries in which the company operates, and not to break the rules set by local laws on environmental protection, public health, Continue Reading