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Research paper: Justification of capital punishment

the problem of death penalty is certainly vital not only for government or juridical system, this is an important social issue, and there are certainly a lot of presentations of it from different sides and points of view. There are of course a lot of arguments for and against death penalty, but here we are Continue Reading

Term paper: Justification of capital punishment

This paper will be devoted to one of the most controversial social issues in the whole world – justification of capital punishment. This controversy has a long history and was studied and discussed in most civilized countries all over the world. Speaking about capital punishment, this is necessary to note first of all, that in Continue Reading

Essays on Capital Punishment

Worldwide, the practice of capital punishment is very controversial, with many concerns ranging from personal rights to economic effectiveness being raised in talks about death penalty. The practice of executing individuals for some criminal violations is ancient. The term actually dates to a Latin root. Nevertheless, our society is constantly evolving and it is very Continue Reading

Essay on The Role of Capital Punishment in Modern Criminal Punishment Schemes

It is known that the issue concerning capital punishment has always been a controversial one in our society. According to the historical facts, a large majority of people in the United States has positive relation to this kind of punishment in cases of murder and cruel crimes. However, the opinion of the American public has Continue Reading

Essay on Capital Punishment

The issue concerning capital punishment is a controversial one in our society. Some people have positive relation to this measure of punishment, while others do not favor capital punishment as a legal penalty in the U.S. criminal punishment system. (The Effects of Capital Punishment) As for me, I think that capital punishment is not the Continue Reading