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Electronic commerce is more secure than many business people have on day-to-day basis (Van Vark, 1997). And it is getting better every minute. Understanding different hacking methods on the Web and having built an electronic commerce package is imperative. A correctly created Internet site benefits the client with up to the minute data and instant Continue Reading

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The statistics of ecommerce enhances all business sales and income, thus evaluating clients’ likings and trends; streamlines marketing efforts of the small and medium retail enterprises; tracks revenue and takes appropriate steps; provides competitive advantage over the competitors; enhances efficiency by helping managers concentrate on the right direction; helps on creating intelligent business decisions. The Continue Reading

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The Web and the development of e-commerce has a revolutionary impact on small and medium retail enterprises when it is dealing with other sorts of business, for example, “business to business e-commerce” and also when it is a business selling to clients: “business to consumer”. Here are some of those effects: since clients and business Continue Reading

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As with any business expansion, considering an online presence, e-commerce may raise a list of questions for all small and medium retail enterprises. Those enterprises not yet online will find out how the Web is likely to transform their businesses and introduce them to markets far beyond those which are at present in reach. The Continue Reading

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Most e-commerce business plans fail because the business plan is not properly researched and used, e-commerce is not adequately combined with present business, and good advice is unsought – not for reasons of lack of cost or time, but as the organization does not see any need until too late (Bremner).The business plan needs to Continue Reading