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Essay on Ethical Dilemma

In modern economic science, the problem of goals and means in the decision making process is viewed through the concepts of “preferences” (goals) and “limitations” (means). Economic theory assumes that preferences of economic agents vary much slower than the limitations. Preferences can be needs, and limitations depend on the ability to satisfy them, on incomes, Continue Reading

Research paper on Ethical Dilemma

Rational decision goes through five stages of understanding the problem: problem diagnosis, formulation of limitations and criteria for decision making, identification of alternatives, their evaluation and final choice (Snell, 1996). At the stage of diagnosis the quality of the decision is influenced not so much by the increased amount of information, as a person’s ability Continue Reading

Term paper on Ethical Dilemma

Rational approach to moral regulation of relations in the organization and the institutionalization of morality generate the need for concrete and practical recommendations for the resolution of complex ethical dilemmas, when the manager is forced to choose not between two identical (from an ethical point of view) modes of action, but must decide to do Continue Reading

Essays on Ethical Dilemma

The solution of the ethical dilemma Business ethics in the broad sense is a set of ethical principles and standards which should guide the activities of organizations and their members in the sphere of management and entrepreneurship. It includes the notions of different levels: the ethical assessment of both internal and external policies of the Continue Reading

Essay on Ethical Dilemma

The ethical dilemma is a situation of moral choice, when the realization of one moral value destroys another no less important one. If we consider the question of ethical dilemmas within a professional activity, it is currently believed that this problem can be avoided through the establishment of professional codes of ethics. In general, this Continue Reading