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Essays: Professional Values and Ethics

People take individual, managerial, and cultural values into account while making decisions and apply these values to measure how ethical their decisions are. People are often likely to ignore choices that do not coincide with what they see as correct. A great challenge occurs when values contradict resulting in an ethical dilemma. For example, the Continue Reading

Term paper: Professional Values and Ethics

The terms values and ethics are sometimes used as synonyms and, though they are inseparably connected, they are different. Values can be identified as permanent beliefs that affect our choices, i.e. the imperatives for deciding what is right and wrong, good and bad, etc. They also dictate us which are more or less relevant when Continue Reading

Essay on Drugs and ethics

In modern world, there are numerous ambiguous situations where ethics and moral philosophy are necessary in order to take the right decision and to distinguish what is good or bad. One of such situations is the issue related to drug testing and drug use by employees. Nowadays, many companies require the information about drug use Continue Reading

Essay: Ethics

Ethics is a complicated issue. For centuries it was the object of loud disputes and heated debates. The changes in the contemporary society require changes in ethical norms and standards. Many contemporary specialists in the field of ethics propose their own systems which take into considerations the changes in the contemporary society. Different philosophers propose Continue Reading

Essays: Ethics Scenario

Among the key financial and accounting issues which are considered essential for accomplishing nonprofit goals and mission, it is possible to name cost saving tactics, analysis of financial statements, cost-volume-profit analysis, budgeting techniques, capital budgeting, legal liabilities of board members, cash management, assessment of the adequacy of internal control, acquiring gifts of present interests, stocks Continue Reading