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Today, investment banks try to rebuild their business. The main thing is that they understand how important it is to have their own deposits, realized that relying solely on the investment banking market is very dangerous. Many banks applied for a banking license, first of all because deposits are more stable funding, respectively, the risks Continue Reading

Term paper on Financial markets

Interdependence of factors of systemic risk shows that even the presence of small financial shocks can be sufficient for large imbalances in the economy. This indicates that the macroprudential supervision should cover a systemically important financial intermediaries, markets, infrastructure and tools. (Praet 2010) Systemic liquidity risk has been at the epicenter of the past crisis, Continue Reading

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The instability of the banking system and banking panics can be attributed to the institutional source of systemic risk, which is based on at least two reasons. The first follows from the model of banks as financial intermediaries that convert short-term liabilities into long-term loans, based on the assumption that not all account holders will Continue Reading

Essay on Financial markets

The banking crisis in 2008, and then the subsequent world banking crisis questioned the reliability of the entire financial system, has made a real failure of banks of any size, any state. The global financial crisis of 2008 (sometimes called the “great recession”) appeared in the September – October 2008 in the form of a Continue Reading

Essay on How credit card debt has affected financial markets

Credit cards had an important impact on the stability of our economy. The debt creates a growth in consumer spending by providing people with extra funds to spend on services and goods. This situation has a positive impact on the financial markets since far more money is being circulated. However, this benefit of debt has Continue Reading