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Essay: Global Warming

Climate change has a number of implications for national security. Climate-produced crises may feed terrorist movements and destabilize entire regions, as the analysts of the Pentagon who take a puzzled look at national security, say. According to Security and Climate Change article, it influences the world as a threat multiplier for unsteadiness in the most Continue Reading

Essays: Does Global Warming Compromise National Security?

Global warming is a serious problem of our time. Not only ecologists are concerned with the state of our ecology and great number of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. Finally politics came to realization that Global warming may result not only in ecological, but also in political and social catastrophe. Despite some positive changes were Continue Reading

Essay: National Security and Global Warming

Today modern economists come to the realization that global warming, which is almost uncontrolled, can cause serious economic and political problems. The CAN Corporation insists that there is a close connection between glonal warming and economic instability of the countries. It is not a secret that a lot of countries today even contribute to the Continue Reading

Term paper Global Warming

Today the issue concerning global warming is one of the most important environmental issues in our society because the consequences of global warming may be hazardous for all living beings on our planet (Hogo 1). According to the opinion of the scientists, our planet is getting warmer and warmer every year. Nowadays global warming presents Continue Reading

Term paper on Global Warming

Today global warming is one of the most challenging environmental issues in our society because it threatens the life of all living beings on our planet and damages the world’s economies every day. It is known that global warming gives rise to the longer and more intense heat and severe storms. (Global Warming Solutions, 2011, Continue Reading