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Corporate culture An example of the development and use of corporate service standards in the hospitality industry are luxury hotel chains (Hilton, Marriott, Intercontinental). International luxury hotels have a high degree of recognition, which leads to customers loyalty, because they believe that these hotels always guarantee a high standard of services. The principal difference in Continue Reading

Term paper Human resource strategy in luxury hotels

Under the corporate service standards are usually understood the norms and rules of conduct that hotel enterprise considers mandatory for employees in the process of customer service. (Tanke 1990) If the hotel does not have officially written standards of services, there are always unofficial established norms of behavior of employees towards customers. These “unwritten rules” Continue Reading

Essay on Human resource strategy in luxury hotels

For the success of the organization human resources play an important role – their openness and professionalism, flexibility in response to internal and external influences, strong organizational culture. Nowadays it is believed that human resources are the decisive factor that allows any company, especially in the hospitality industry, to succeed in achieving its goals and Continue Reading

Essays on Human Resource Strategy in the Hospitality Industry in Luxury Hotels Sector

Modern features of human resource management in the hospitality industry Increased competition and high consumer demands dictate the need for a particular business philosophy that guarantees success – the customer-oriented philosophy (Thornhill, 1999). We can say that today it is the degree of customer satisfaction that determines the strength or weakness of the company’s position Continue Reading

Essay on Human Resource Strategy in the Hospitality Industry in Luxury Hotels Sector

Being employed as a junior consultant, the author of the paper aims at presenting a consistent report addressing the HR management of Marriott Hotels, inc., in order to formulate the contemporary approaches to building HR management strategy in luxury hotels sector. In current report, the researcher focuses at the peculiarities of managing HR in hospitality Continue Reading