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Essays: Ikea’s quality management

Ikea is particularly concerned with the quality management. At any rate, when I worked at Ikea, the quality management was one of the primary concerns of the company. In this respect, it is important to lay emphasis on the fact that the company focused mainly on several control systems which allowed Ikea to maintain the Continue Reading

Essay: Ikea’s quality management

Obviously, the quality management was crucial for Ikea and the quality management laid the foundation to its control system. Today, the quality management actually provides an opportunity to increase the effectiveness and productivity of a company due to the optimization of the existing resources of the company and fully realizing its potential. At the same Continue Reading

Essays: Ikea: The Impact of Control Systems and Quality Management on Motivation

The control systems that encourage innovations should be functional and focus on the professional duties and performance of employees. They should motivate employees to introduce innovations to improve the quality of their work and, thus, to improve the organizational performance. In this respect, the total quality management is one of the most effective control systems Continue Reading

Term paper: Ikea: The Impact of Control Systems and Quality Management on Motivation

In the contemporary business environment, motivation of employees plays a crucial role in the overall success of the organizational performance. At the same time, traditional motivators do not always work or companies cannot always use the full potential of motivators because of they ignore the fact that motivation is closely intertwined with control and the Continue Reading

Essays IKEA Case Study

IKEA Case StudyIKEA Company, it is necessary to conclude the Ingvar Kamprad was a successful entrepreneur for IKEA because he managed to change the company’s strategy according to the conditions of the competitive market. His charismatic leadership and his unique personality helped to hold the leading position in the market. The company was founded in Continue Reading