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Term paper: Leadership Style

Leadership development is a complicated area which involves using different resources and implementing countless styles which encourage organizational flexibility, responsibility and fresh ideas generation process. Not in vain a great number of styles were theorized and researched. One of the most successful group of researchers was headed by Kurt Lewin who identified various styles of Continue Reading

Term paper: Women as Spiritual Leaders in the Modern Society

Sanders states that the leader is an influential person. “Leadership is influence… [It is] the ability of one person to influence others to follow his or her lead” (Sanders, p. 77, 1994). However, this influence is not oppression or pressure; it is a dual process and more a collaboration of two sides – the leader Continue Reading

Essay: Women as Spiritual Leaders in the Modern Society

Leadership is first of all an inner quality and its strong embodiment allows to gather people around and organize their activity. It is interesting to note that being a leader means to possess gentle and positive traits of character. Leaders should be good-hearted and nice, they should treat other people in a good way. The Continue Reading

Term paper: 3 Questions Related to Leadership

1. Based on the skills approach, how would you assess Dr. Wood’s leadership and his relationship to the members of the Elder Care Project team? Will the project be successful? Dr. Wood has ineffective leadership style, which may be characterized as the authoritarian leadership style because he heads the projects and stands on the ground Continue Reading

Essay 4 questions related to Leadership

1. Formal and Informal Leaders. Think about a recent meeting that you attended. Most meetings have a formal leader. Some also have an informal leader. Assess the behavior of the leaders as to whether it was effective or ineffective and state why you came to this conclusion. Also, during the meeting, did the leadership roles Continue Reading