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Table of contents: Introduction Theoretical foundation of the study a. Contingency leadership theory b. Leadership traits theory c. Variables Historical perspective: the emergence of virtual teams in the context of variables of job satisfaction and virtual team performance Historical perspective: current and future prospects of virtual team leadership in the context of variables of job Continue Reading

Literature Review

Benfari, R. C. (2009). Understanding and changing your management style. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Benfari (2009) states that the effective virtual team leadership has to take into consideration personal traits of the leader and team members because one of the major tasks of an effective leader is to unite virtual team members. Benfari (2009) dates back Continue Reading

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Without a doubt, an important aspect of starting the business is the estimation of the startup costs. Starts up costs usually differ depending on the necessities of the small businesses. Webber (2011) indicates there are six startup cost types that should be considered by the small business owners that include the following: cost of sales, Continue Reading

Essays on Literature review

The article ‘Why You Should Consider Starting a Concession Stand Business’ (n.a.) mentions a list of things that are needed at the moment of opening a private business in mobile food concession stand, for example: food truck, cart or stand; generator; food supplies; licenses and permits; cell phone; and computer for paperwork and finance operations. Continue Reading

Essay on Literature review

The proposal being researched in this literature review is the feasibility of opening a private business in mobile food concession stand. To fully examine the type of literature on this venture several topics must be considered. Topics to be considered include starting a small business, the effect of recession on the current state of economy, Continue Reading