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Term paper: Controversy of Darwinist and Marxism in the Nineteenth Century

Darwin provided convincing and well-though arguments. That is the reason his theory very quickly became popular all over the world. It found a lot of followers among scientists as well as ordinary people. Darwin’s theory not only gave new idea about the origination of spices, but also increased the value and meaning of biology. In Continue Reading

Essays: Controversy of Darwinist and Marxism in the Nineteenth Century

Marxism and Darwinism are two theories which had great impact on the mankind. These both theories emerged in the nineteenth century and both had great impact not only on the contemporary thought, but also conditioned further social, political and scientific development. It is hard to compare them because they describe different spheres of human life, Continue Reading

Essay: ) What are the Virtues of a Capitalist Free Market System? What is the Marxist criticism of such a system as exemplified by the Capitalist system? Does it follow then that if Marxism is correct that Capitalism is inherently flawed? How does Capitalism provide a Moral defense of its system?

Free market can be seen as the only legal institution for property redistribution among citizens, which is considered as an integral feature of civil society. The free market system is an institution that allows citizens to transfer to each other the right of ownership by establishing voluntary agreements. The free market creates healthy competition, and Continue Reading

Essays on Marxism

Dialectical materialism is the direction in philosophy, which focuses on the relation of being and thinking and the most general laws of being and thinking. According to the basic provisions of the Marxist philosophy, dialectical materialism asserts the ontological primacy of matter with respect to consciousness and the continuous development of matter in time. Marx’s Continue Reading

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Karl Marx (1818 – 1883) is a German philosopher, sociologist, economist, political journalist and social activist. His work has shaped the philosophy of dialectical and historical materialism; he formed the theory of surplus value in economics, and the theory of class struggle in politics. These areas became the basis of the communist and socialist movements Continue Reading