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Term paper: Movie Review

The existing social order and the life of the modern society is often severely criticized, but in actuality, the life of the modern society is highly controversial, if not to say paradoxical. In fact, the films “Brazil” and “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen” reveal the full extent to which human society is paradoxical and controversial. Continue Reading

Term paper: Movie Review

Confession is traditionally considered to be a very important procedure in Christian rituals which implies the purification of the soul of a confessing person, while the priest is supposed to serve as a mediator between the person and the God. In such a situation, it seems to be quite natural that the belief confession brings Continue Reading

Essays: Movie Review

Traditionally, people are concerned with their professional and personal success. However, it is extremely difficult to succeed in the modern society, especially when an individual has to climb up the social ladder. At the same time, theater and cinematography are often viewed by people as the shortest way to the glory and success, but, in Continue Reading

Essay: Movie Review “Limitless” by Neil Burger

This paper is a review of the movie “Limitless” directed by Neil Burger and starring Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro. “Limitless” is a film about what would happen if you took a “smart pill”. But, think about the smart individuals you know. Real genius comes at the expense of other important things like charisma. Continue Reading

Essays on Movie Review: “Nixon”

Comparing the two films “Nixon” and “Malcolm X”, it is possible to mention that they both have some differences and similarities. Firstly, they are similar in their genres: they are both dramas based on a biography of Nixon and Malcolm X. In addition, the movies greatly reflect the atmosphere of that time and provide the Continue Reading