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Essays: Political Corruption

Generalizing Political Corruption Rate in the Whole Region WE see that all the countries involved in the research process are of former Soviet Block. Investigators of this question consider it to be a significant reason for the problem. Historical background of the countries show that almost all of them were oppressed by the more powerful Continue Reading

Term paper: Political Corruption in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is considered to be on of the most problematic zones within the European Union. The political corruption level has increased in the resent years and could not be considered that joining the European Union positively influenced political structures of Bulgaria. The representatives of European Commission and Euro Union noted the unsatisfactory results of Bulgarian Continue Reading

Essays: Political Corruption in Ukraine

Among the countries of the Eastern and Central Europe Ukraine is considered to have the highest rank of the political corruption. The social and political structure of the country have not underwent serious changes and is strongly connected to its political crisis lasting for many years. The independent state is strongly financially dependent from the Continue Reading

Essay: Political Corruption in Czech Republic

In the whole region the situation with political corruption is quite similar. Many countries have joined European Union and under the strict directions are struggling against the political corruption. In Czech Republic the situation is pretty similar to Poland. The years under the communist oppression did not play for advantage now. A number of remnants Continue Reading

Essay: Political Corruption in Poland

Poland is already the member of European Union, but the heritage from communist time is still felt in this country. A number of investigations were provided by European Commission and Euro Union in order to get the recent data on the political corruption in Poland. The statistical data shows that Pole find corruption essential for Continue Reading