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Essays on Art and Society

In both architecture and painting Renaissance space is clearly defined on all sides. In Mannerist compositions space is unevenly filled. The picture plane is no longer constrained by the rules of perspective, and its logical boundaries are blurred or ignored. Sometimes there is only a neutral background, providing no comprehensive environment. We may refer to Continue Reading

Essay: Art and Society

Originally the term Mannerism meant “style”, from Italian word “maniera”, which can be translated as “stylish style”. During the 16th century artist and critic Vasari, a representative of Mannerism, thought that great painting demanded the following three things: 1) refinement; 2) richness of invention; 3) virtuoso and technique. Based on these criteria, we may point Continue Reading

Essays on Art and Society

While the dramatic events in Spain new series of etchings by Goya called “Disasters of War” (1810-1820) appeared. In these graphic works there are no villains and evil forces as in the “Caprichos”. But there is a cruel realism that allows viewers to experience war along with the artist as a monstrous disaster. In the Continue Reading

Essay on Art and Society

Romanticism is the ideological and artistic trend that emerged in the European and American culture in the late 18th century – first half of the 19th century as a reaction to the aesthetics of Classicism. Originally it formed (1790’s) in philosophy and poetry in Germany, and later (1820’s) spread to Britain, France and other countries. Continue Reading

Term paper on Issues in Society: Racism and Social Justice

Concurrently, not only the lack of information leads to wrong conceptions. Nieto and Bode (2008, 75), for example, stress that misinformation or partial information is never better than the total absence of it and advise “to remain cognizant of hidden messages in available text and trade books.” It means that much harm comes from stereotypes Continue Reading